Ouch! Slice of Life Day 4

Today at recess I was going for a soccer ball and BAM, I got my finger stuck on the soccer net and ripped my skin off. But I did not even notice. The teacher blew the whistle and we all lined up.  Omar said, “Destiny, What happened to your finger?”  I looked at my finger and there was blood all over it.  It was even dripping off my hand.  I couldn’t feel my hand.  It was numb.  When we got inside, I went to the nurses office.  But she was not there, so I had to go to the office to find her.  The office sent me back and said she would be there anytime.  When I walked back over she was waiting for me.  I was thankful to finally get my finger taken care of.


Slice of Life-Day 3

Snake Expo

Me and My mom went to a snake expo and guess what I saw!  I held a scaly ball python that stayed wrapped in a tight ball.  Next, I held a hissing cockroach that climbed all over my arm.  I saw a sugar glider and lots of snakes.  My favorite part was holding the python. I loved it!  I love animals!

The Day We Got Bitsy- Slice of Life Day 2

by M. Reese

I still remember the day like yesterday, our old kitten, Lilly ran away and never came back and mommy was very, very, very sad. Then, mommy met a nurse who needed to get a kitten a new home. When we got our new kitten we thought of many names for her but settled on Bitsy because, she is so tiny.